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Become a TeamGrowing Coach and help teams become performing and happier!

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Team coach: the philosophy

Teams give strength and energy to their members. But we have left this potential untapped for too long. Learning teams, teams that keep on learning and adapting and improving, perform well and are better able to handle change and suffer less stress. We do not have the habit of helping teams become self-organizing and learning, though.

That is where the Team Coach comes in. Ussing the TeamGrowing approach, the team coach will help teams to achieve their true value and strength, and become learning teams that can handle change. The change teams go through during an agile transformation e.g.

The TeamCoach training wants the participants to experience TeamGrowing as well as learning it. We practice our own beliefs: the participants become a team that grows, the teachers are also coaches, team members help each other during the training, and we go on supporting each other after the training. That is why it is best to have at least one other participant from the same organization, so that you can work as buddies afterwards.

Become a Team Coach: the training

You love to bring out the best in people. You want to help teams in their transformation toward more autonomy and self-management. You want to become an agile coach.

This is the training you have been waiting for.

In three modules of two days each, you will gain insight in the agile processes, the change and the dynamics the teams need to go through, the way you can help the teams motivate themselves, determine responsibilities, work together with respect and in a constructive spirit. You can help teams going through the storming stage, or help them move from the norming to the performing stage.

We base the training on TeamGrowing, the model and teaching approach developed by our partner, Organisatie 4.0..
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TeamGrowing: a way of teaching

As a TeamGrowing coach, you will often do interactive exercises with your team. Setting goals together. Giving compliments. Use intervision to solve a problem as a group. Determine responsibilities using Delegation Poker.

Or simulations of coaching techniques. A motivational conversation, some solution oriented coaching, learn how to (not) deal with resistance and motivate instead.

This is why the TeamGrowing training is very interactive. We go through these exercises, so you can see how to use them later. Some role playing. Participate in them. Reflect on the way you could use them.
And experience what they do to you. Discover their power. As a person. And as a group of trainees. You will become a team by yourselves. So take a buddy to the training.

The TeamGrowing modules

We organize the TeamGrowing team coach training in three modules of two days each. We stay the night, full-board, in a nice location (allthough we can do it online if  the pandemic requires it). We have the module about a month apart, so that you can use the exercises and bring your experiences to the next training session.

The modules are organized around the following areas:

  • focus on processes: help teams organize the work so that they can become autonomous

  • focus on people: change and empathy, how to deal with resistance

  • focus on motivation: experience the strength of positive collaboration with a shared vision

In all sessions you will also participate in different forms of coaching, motivating, lean and agile ideas, stimulating participation and ownership...

You can enter the training at any point, there is no order in the way the modules have to be followed.

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Three modules of two days each

Full-pension with one overnight stay per module

Total cost 3.995 €

Target audience

Team leaders that want to help their teams

Agile coaches and scrum masters

Lean-agile transformation consultants


  • The TeamGrowing model

  • Solution focused coaching

  • Motivational interviews

  • Scrum, Kanban, retrospectives

  • Team models Tuckman, Lencioni

  • Rightshifting model Marshall

  • Swift change model

  • ....


Help teams, become a team coach

Make a career out of what you love to do.